Coffee, terror, and the push toward caffeinism

You’ve just had your fifth double espresso. Things are getting weird: you can’t focus, your chest is tight, and for whatever reason you keep twitching your toes. These are just a few of the myriad ways in which caffeine can make life difficult. They’re each less fun than the last.

On the origins, mechanics, and defeat of our least favorite trait

Ideally, we would never procrastinate. We’d live in a world where obligations came first, personal desires second, and all of our deadlines were met with elegance and ease. Unfortunately, nobody lives in such a world.

The tendency to procrastinate is consistently annoying. Whether we’re avoiding bills, the dentist, or struggling…

Sex, development, and the varieties of human anatomy

Your brain and the pancreas aren’t much different. Both are formed prenatally, both are bodily organs, and both interact with the rest of anatomy to give us complex physiological systems. But, unlike the pancreas, the brain also gives us sex.

Sexual differentiation in the brain is the product of a…

Looking to our ancestral beginnings to understand our favorite feelings

There was a time when mammals didn’t rule the earth. Some 65 million years ago, we weren’t much more than tree shrews. After that giant meteor plunged into the Yucatán Peninsula, spreading fire and iridium and destruction across the continents, this all changed. Mammals flourished while reptiles lost dominion.


Taylor Mitchell Brown

I used to drum in a hair metal band. Now I read and write. Get my work for free on Twitter @toochoicetaylor. | Biology | Evolution | Neuroscience |

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